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Postal Hub podcast

Jun 20, 2022

Abdulla Mohammed Alashram, Group CEO of the Emirates Post Group Company, discusses the impact of COVID on the Post's programme of transformation:

  • How the entire company showed resilience
  • Focus on digitisation and speed of digitisation transformation
  • Building partnerships with startups and tech companies
  • How the post can be involved in the Metaverse

Then Peter Somers, CEO of Emirates Post, discusses how Emirates Post is getting closer to the customer:

  • Expanding delivery touchpoints
  • Adding PUDO points, parcel lockers, and kiosks to the physical network
  • Proximity, including via partnerships
  • Mall kiosks and being close to where the customer is
  • Why use a staffed kiosk PUDO model instead of a parcel locker
  • 24/7 areas in post offices - including self-service kiosks
  • Access to postal services outside major cities in the UAE