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Postal Hub podcast

May 30, 2022

Carmen Cureu, Market Research Director at DPDgroup, dives deep into DPDgroup’s e-commerce customer and delivery research.

  • The concept of “new commerce”, and the new customer behaviours stimulated by the pandemic
  • New categories of e-shoppers, and newcomers to online shopping
  • Comparisons with China’s e-commerce shopper profiles
  • Basket diversification and what shoppers are buying online - including fresh food
  • Opposite trends but with contradictions - DPDgroup’s research into how people buy online and offline
  • The second-hand market and environmental sensibilities
  • How “sticky” is e-commerce post-COVID and against a background of some international uncertainty?
  • Buying cross-border, including Chinese parcel volume trends and the factors driving cross-border trends
  • Do customers know when they’re buying cross-border?
  • What do e-shoppers want in terms of the delivery experience? Speed, delivery places, and added value services.
  • How do delivery preferences vary across different markets?
  • Comparisons with Chinese e-shopper delivery preferences
  • The rise of out-of-home delivery (delivery to a parcel shop/PUDO or parcel locker) in Europe
  • Predictability of home delivery
  • Sustainability in delivery and customers’ desire for “green” deliveries
  • Economical delivery, added-value, and sustainability
  • E-commerce returns