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Postal Hub podcast

May 24, 2022

David Spottiswood and Martyn Noble from Hurricane discuss the impact of world events on the delivery world, in particular cross-border delivery. 

  • Is globalisation at risk? Increasing regulation, increasing sanctions, increasing indirect tax compliance requirements, protectionism, the pandemic, and the crisis in Ukraine
  • Post-pandemic parcel volumes
  • Impact of sanctions and denied parties
  • Taking denied parties seriously - knowing who you can't sell to online
  • Responsibility of all players in the supply chain when it comes to sanctions and denied parties
  • Postal leaders obligations to understand the issue of denied parties
  • Importance of compliance to postal and delivery companies
  • Restricted and prohibited items
  • Handling and checking data at speed
  • SEKO Logistics and cross-border
  • Why marketplaces are starting to look at these cross-border compliance issues seriously
  • The Middle East becoming a logistics hub