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Postal Hub podcast

Mar 4, 2022

Roel Gevaers PhD, Professor in Last Mile Logistics and Supply Chain, University of Antwerp, joins me to talk about the intersection of logistics and e-commerce. We cover:

  • Amazon building its delivery capabilities in Belgium
  • Strategic decision-making behind Amazon selecting sites for new delivery stations
  •’s position as leader in the Belgian e-commerce market
  • Last mile partnerships for, including acquisition of Cycloon
  • E-commerce companies doing their own deliveries
  • Positioning delivery stations for bike courier and cargo bike couriers
  • Comparing with Amazon, including product range, fulfilment, subscription (i.e. Prime), and multi-lingual websites
  • Speed of delivery in Belgium, including next-day and same-day
  • How Amazon enters new markets
  • Amazon delivery modes in Belgium - residential vs out-of-home
  • Green delivery, including bpost’s Ecozone project
  • Restrictions on warehouse and fulfilment centre overnight operations
  • Cross-border fulfilment from neighbouring countries
  • Last mile as being an enabler for better customer experience and achieving green goals
  • Trends to in-source delivery activities