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Postal Hub podcast

Feb 2, 2022

Brody Buhler, CEO at Escher Group, joins me to talk about creating high-performing postal and delivery companies, including:

  • Posts using real-time data and analytics
  • Taking friction out of postal transactions
  • Leveraging local knowledge, for example address data
  • Using data to optimise inventory, delivery timeframes, and understand the customer
  • Trapped value in the last mile and the middle mile
  • Automation to play a greater role in the last mile
  • Managing e-commerce returns, and the end of the "one size fits all" returns policy
  • Using automation to strip out cost and increase capacity
  • Trends in cross-border delivery
  • Using OCR and automation capabilities for inbound international parcels
  • The role of mobile in the modern postal network
  • Making international shipments at the post office counter more efficient
  • Freeing counter staff for higher value transactions
  • Post offices playing a role in the broader delivery strategy
  • Reducing costly failed first-time deliveries
  • Anticipatory delivery - anticipating the delivery recipient's preferences
  • Shifting focus to gather preference data for recipients and post office customers