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Postal Hub podcast

Dec 30, 2021

In this special episode, four experts from the delivery world join me to talk about the trends that are bubbling beneath the surface… for now!

Mike Richmond, Chief Commercial Officer at Doddle, discusses:

  • Pressure points on e-commerce delivery:
    • Supply chain problems and growing costs
    • Increased rates of e-commerce returns
  • Last mile capacity management
  • Increasing value of including PUDO in delivery networks
  • E-commerce returns
    • The need to better understand customers
    • Driving savings via digital returns
  • Lack of delivery options at checkout
  • Delivery companies undervaluing their importance to customer conversion at checkout
  • Nudge theory - check episode 171 of the Postal Hub Podcast for more

Wayne Haubner, CTO at Escher, covers:

  • What digital transformation means for the postal and parcel sector:
    • Automation, data, and the customer experience
    • Going from “delivery point” mentality to “customer” mentality
  • Moving from customer information being stored in employee’s minds to a digital system
  • New postal services
  • Using automation to reduce costs

David Spottiswood, co-founder at Hurricane Commerce, joins me to cover:

  • Legislative changes in 2021 affecting cross-border delivery
  • Automating cross-border data exchange
  • Impact on low value cross-border parcel volumes
  • Are e-commerce retailers collecting and using the right data for cross-border purchases? Are customs authorities doing the right thing?
  • Reducing needless returns
  • HS code database update

Bertrand Späth, co-founder at Kizy Tracking, discusses:

  • Predictability of delivery
  • Last mile capacity management
  • The delivery of everything!
  • Delivery of pharmaceuticals