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Postal Hub podcast

Dec 21, 2021

Marek Różycki, Managing Partner Last Mile Experts, and Dean Maciuba, Last Mile Experts North America, join me to discuss the major trends in the last mile in 2021. In part two of this two-part discussion, we cover:

  • Automating the last mile - can autonomous vehicles get from the street to the customer’s front door?
  • Semi-autonomous delivery
  • Parcel lockers:
    • Lockers as part of an overall delivery network, including PUDOs and residential delivery
    • Parcel locker adoption in the USA vs Europe
    • Is porch piracy really an issue?
    • UPS and FedEx opening access points (PUDOs) instead of parcel lockers
    • How lockers increase productivity for delivery drivers
    • Carrier-neutral parcel lockers
  • Why “green-washing” does the delivery sector a great disservice
  • Is Amazon the biggest delivery company on Earth?