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Postal Hub podcast

Dec 15, 2021

Marek Różycki, Managing Partner Last Mile Experts, and Dean Maciuba, Last Mile Experts North America, join me to discuss the major trends in the last mile in 2021:

  • Micro-fulfilment centres - powering next-day and same-day delivery
  • Who pays for on-demand delivery?
  • Why Amazon wants to own the customer - and how the last mile forms a crucial part of its plans
  • Point-to-point delivery and its impact on traffic congestion
  • Role of out-of-home delivery in creating last mile capacity - including same-day delivery
  • City logistics - will it succeed?
  • Ultra-fast or super-fast (sub-20 minute) delivery, with fulfilment via a local dark store
    • Will these start-ups survive when the VC cash runs out?
    • Consolidation in the sector
  • Grocery delivery - residential delivery, smart locks, BOPIS / click-and-collect, refrigerated parcel lockers
  • The importance of software in solving last mile delivery issues and improving the customer experience - and powering first-time delivery