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Postal Hub podcast

Oct 19, 2021

Brody Buhler, CEO at Escher Group, joins me to talk about post offices, new technology, out-of-home delivery, and much more:

  • Transformation in the delivery world means transformation of post offices
  • Last mile capacity - and what the lack of capacity means for e-commerce
  • How post offices can be used to add last mile delivery capacity
  • Out-of-home delivery - preferred pickup destinations vs failed first-time deliveries
  • Growth in parcel inductions via the post office network
  • Fulfilling local e-commerce and the concept of continuous delivery
  • Making fast delivery more affordable
  • Last mile technology in post offices and PUDOs
  • Customers’ preferences for contactless interactions
  • Self-assess kiosks for parcel lodgement (including OCR) and self-service solutions
  • Making self-service frictionless and customer-friendly
  • Creating 24-hour customer service zones, including parcel induction and parcel lockers
  • Customers who want face-to-face service at the post office
  • The evolving role of post office staff, including how counter operators add value to customer service
  • The big issues facing postal operators in operating their post office networks
  • Improving parcel flow
  • Mobile point-of-sale technology