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Postal Hub podcast

Sep 16, 2021

Sharick Mirza, CEO at Assurety Consulting, and Rex Bull, CMO at Assurety Consulting, join me to talk about using data to improve the customer experience in delivery and reverse logistics:

  • Case study of how data improved the customer experience for a medical devices company’s reverse logistics services
  • Matching delivery data to customer communications
  • Using the data to find optimum delivery times (e.g. 5-day delivery or 3-day delivery)
  • Measurable results from improving the customer experience in reverse logistics
  • Informed Delivery and enhancing the customer experience in letters
  • Converting clicks to leads and sales
  • How mail items represent a brand
  • Informed Greetings
  • How performance measurement tool Informed Visibility can improve the customer experience
  • Using tracking data for digital marketing
  • Analytics-based tracking platform
  • Harnessing social media data (Instagram, Facebook, etc) to evaluate customer experience at post offices
  • Using analytics to assess social media data, rather than using a manual process
  • Improving post office processes via data mining