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Postal Hub podcast

Jul 19, 2021

Dean Maciuba, Managing Partner Last Mile Experts North America, joins me to talk about last mile delivery contractor models, including:

  • How FedEx’s acquisition of RPS started FedEx Ground’s contractor model
  • Low-cost shipment models and e-commerce growth
  • Plans to merge FedEx Ground and Express - contractors or employees?
  • Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) model
  • Key differences between Amazon DSP and FedEx Ground contracts, including:
    • Managing territory vs owning a territory
    • Up-front capital requirements
    • Long-term profitability
  • Becoming a FedEx Ground contractor - including similarities to buying a franchise
  • Applying to become an Amazon Delivery Service Partner
  • Factors influencing differences in remuneration for FedEx Ground and Amazon DSP models
  • Contract terms, and termination of contract - and risks to capacity
  • Australia Post contractor models - including parcel contracts
  • Tendering and awarding of Australia Post delivery contracts
  • Calculating costs over the course of a last mile delivery contract
  • Electric vehicles in contracted delivery fleets - including NZ Post
  • Contractor models and reducing costs in the last mile
  • Trends in contracting, including cost and capacity
  • Out-of-home delivery in North America
  • US Postal Service