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Postal Hub podcast

Jun 29, 2021

Retail and e-commerce consultant Richard Umbers (former CEO Star Track, Executive General Manager Parcel & Express Services at Australia Post) joins me to discuss:

  • The rise of e-commerce and the importance of last mile distribution
  • What COVID changes in e-commerce, including online grocery
  • How e-commerce went from discretionary spend to spending on necessities
  • Impact of pandemic on capacity (including cold chain capacity)
  • Innovation in logistics and other parts of e-commerce
  • The hallmarks of omnichannel supply chain
  • Identifying individual parcels in the network, and how that tracking triggers actions
  • Seamless flow of data between order management, CRM, and logistics
  • Interactive Digital Management (IDM)
  • Postal operators and digitisation - giving customers visibility of their shipments
  • Shifts in technology that enable D2C e-commerce
  • E-commerce returns and the omnichannel supply chain
  • Last mile trends in online grocery (speed and type of delivery)
  • Increasing sophistication of the supply chain - and the viabilities of models that rely on that supply chain
  • How data and exchange of data enables modern delivery - including superfast local delivery
  • Future innovation in the last mile and the supply chain