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Postal Hub podcast

Jun 23, 2021

Sharick Mirza, CEO at Assurety Consulting, and Rex Bull, CMO at Assurety Consulting, join me to talk about the digital mailbox:

  • Assurety’s history with the US Postal Service’s Informed Delivery
  • What Informed Delivery is for consumers, businesses, and the post:
    • Sustaining letter volumes
    • Helping marketers exponentially increase ROI
    • Giving customers a preview of their mail
  • Penetration and saturation of Informed Delivery - including projections for usage rates
  • Exceptionally high open rates for Informed Delivery messages
  • Benefits to mailers of Informed Delivery or digital mailbox apps
  • Insights that marketers can get from a digital mailbox solution such as Informed Delivery
    • Improved response rates to marketing messages
  • Informed Visibility - and how it relates to the concept of the intelligent barcode
  • How mid-sized and small posts can use data to provide a digital mailbox service
  • Providing a single platform on a smartphone to track parcels, including returns
  • Helping companies plan marketing and sales campaigns using the mail and Informed Delivery
  • How to get started adding value to mail
  • Why postal operators shouldn’t be intimidated of embracing technology to improve the delivery experience - regardless of scale
  • Sharing delivery data on social media