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Postal Hub podcast

Jun 6, 2021

Sam Rahim, General Manager Canada Post Business Transformation Deployment, joins me to talk about about Canada Post’s business transformation project:

  • Overview of Canada Post’s Retail Transformation Programme
  • Transforming the Canada Post network to adapt to growing parcel volumes and changing consumer needs
  • Upgrading hardware and software in processes
  • Importance of the post office network for inducting parcels into the postal network - the first mile
  • Simplifying products and processes
  • Improving the customer experience and the counter officer (clerk) experience
  • Clarifying postal language
  • Engaging counter staff in the development process
  • Reducing training requirements
  • Post office network - different operating models
  • Canada Post PUDO network - Parcel Pickup
  • Fast setup of new PUDO points - technology and training
  • Over-the-counter transactions
  • Using technology to identify parcel hot spots
  • Enabling better reporting
  • Measuring counter operator (clerk) experience
  • The need to continue to measure