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Postal Hub podcast

May 19, 2021

Sharick Mirza, CEO at Assurety Consulting, and Rex Bull, CMO at Assurety Consulting, join me to talk about data, delivery, and fraud prevention:

  • Data and visibility of customers, delivery, transportation, bottlenecks, and more
  • Removing silos to bring together insights available from data
  • Address data and the intelligent barcode - linking customer and address information
  • Leveraging insights from intelligent barcodes across the enterprise
  • The pay-off for intelligent barcode data - even for small delivery operations
  • How address data can combat fraud and transporting prohibited or illicit substances
  • Detecting fraud using address data
  • Machine learning and optimising operations - for example, detecting problems in the delivery network
  • How data can be used to create new products - including crossing over between digital and physical products
  • Data and up-selling
  • Cleansing data
  • Giving CEOs , senior executives and managers a high-level view of operations, via tools such as KPIs and dashboards, or an operations-level view
  • Improving first time parcel delivery rates
  • Bringing in data from different sources, e.g. social media, weather, to help improve delivery