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Postal Hub podcast

Apr 21, 2021

Wayne Haubner, Escher Group CTO, and Keith Emery, Product manager track-and-trace at Escher, join me to talk about track-and-trace, route optimisation, and modern e-commerce delivery:

  • The big changes in the parcel environment - and it’s not just growth, it’s about flexibility
  • The role data plays in parcel delivery and providing transparency to customers
  • Customs data
  • How postal operators can create flexible and dynamic delivery networks
  • Route optimisation and redirection of parcels
  • Creating a unified way of delivering and the delivery experience, while improving first-time delivery success
  • Reducing calls to customer service contact centres
  • Quality of service
  • Escher’s new Riposte Track Trace and Last Mile Delivery product
  • Flexible delivery options, including PUDO, lockers, time-slot delivery, full visibility of deliveries
  • Additional services in the last mile, including fresh, pharma, and other home delivery services
  • Dynamic route adjustment and elimination of paperwork
  • Technology and the battle for talent
  • Flexible workforce to deal with peak season - including dealing with agency workers and reducing training costs
  • Bringing in new customers for delivery companies
  • The development of route optimisation technology - including real-time route optimisation while the driver is out on the delivery route
  • Enabling efficient same-day delivery via route optimisation
  • Giving customers control over their deliveries without burdening the post with excessive costs
  • Remote on-boarding and training
  • Usability of hand-held delivery devices
  • Modernising delivery and retail networks
  • Being customer-centric and focusing on the customer experience