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Postal Hub podcast

Apr 6, 2021

International IT security expert John Taylor, most recently divisional CIO at AGL, joins me to talk about the core cyber security issues delivery and postal companies need to understand:

  • Critical infrastructure and security risk
  • Top three strategic priorities for Boards and CEOs for enterprise IT security:
    • Governance
    • Awareness
    • Incident response
  • How being world-class in these three areas will allow companies to respond quickly to threats and attacks
  • The role of end users, customers, and technical staff in cyber security
  • The role of larger corporations in helping small companies in IT security
  • Recovering from IT outages - part of incident response - lessons from recent Toll and TNT cyber attacks
  • Building cyber-resilient systems
  • Role of the CEO in responding to a cyber attack
  • Phishing and fraud attacks on consumers
  • Educating customers and sharing learnings post-security event
  • Where should the head of IT security be in the company? C-Suite?
  • The importance of leadership in IT security
  • Security, strategy, and the modern take on enterprise IT
  • The reliance of the delivery sector on IT