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Postal Hub podcast

Mar 15, 2021

Bertrand Späth, co-founder Kizy Tracking and Business Development at Spectos, joins me to talk about squeezing more efficiency from parcel sorting:

  • Responding to the pandemic’s parcel surge
  • Processing wildly fluctuating parcel volumes
  • Availability of staff to work in parcel processing centres
  • Profitability of parcels - making money on a service with thin margins
  • Delivering more with the same capacity while satisfying customers
  • Becoming more efficient in parcel processing - automation of parcel sorting
  • Inefficiencies that currently exist in automated sorting machines
  • Challenges in reading addresses (including cross-border parcels)
  • What unreadable addresses mean in terms of volumes
  • Saving 20 - 50% on sorting costs through automating the sorting of parcels that currently must be manually sorted
  • Using OCR with video coding to achieve 99% automated reading of addresses
  • How video coding can work with sorting machine technology
  • Correcting incorrect addresses on address databases, and implications for improved sorting accuracy
  • Managing teams in delivery networks
  • Flexibility benefits of outsourced video coding