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Postal Hub podcast

Mar 8, 2021

John Callan, founder and CEO of Ursa Major Associates, joins me to discuss recent news and developments at the US Postal Service:

  • DeJoy’s recent appearance before the House Committee
  • Service failures
  • Proposals to amend letter delivery standards
  • Rate increases
  • Air carriage of letters
  • The legendary USPS strategic plan - again!
  • Focusing on last mile capabilities, and reducing cost in the middle mile
  • Frequency of delivery (6/7 days per week)
  • Last mile capacity for parcels and letters
  • USPS Board of Governors - President Biden’s nominees
  • New USPS delivery vehicle
  • Why have one supplier instead of multiple vehicle suppliers?
  • Electric delivery vehicles
  • Consultation with unions on the USPS strategic plan
  • USPS delivering last mile for Amazon, FedEx, and UPS (Parcel Select)
  • Delivering to cluster boxes (community mailboxes) and what it means for USPS’s delivery advantage
  • Amazon and FedEx pulling parcels out of Parcel Select
  • Letter pricing and impact on marketing mix
  • Options available to postal operators to reduce costs in letter delivery
  • Developing rate structures that encourage customers to use the US Postal Service