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Postal Hub podcast

Mar 1, 2021

Marshall Hughes, Director (Oceania) at Packoorang, joins me to talk about packaging, recycling, and the circular economy:

  • Boom in e-commerce means boom in cardboard and plastic
  • Figures on cardboard and plastic recycling and wastage
  • Consumer behaviour and packaging
  • Box sizes and shipping air
  • Government rules on waste and recycling
  • Green zones
  • What the circular economy is and how it relates to e-commerce and delivery
  • Financial benefit to reusable packaging / courier bags
  • Marketing benefit to being part of the circular economy
  • Packoorang recyclable bags, packaging, and pallets
  • Reverse logistics for recycling
  • Dropping off recyclable products at retail outlets… or even lockers!
  • Reporting environmental impact from Packoorang data
  • The need for action - driven by the government or e-commerce retailers