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Postal Hub podcast

Feb 23, 2021

Marek Różycki, Managing Partner at Last Mile Experts, joins me to discuss the forces and trends driving innovation in the last mile:

  • What has been driving innovation in the last mile in Poland
  • Lodging returns via parcel lockers
  • Customer-centric delivery features
  • Growth in parcel volumes over recent years – even pre-pandemic
  • The future for cross-border parcels – including marketplaces
  • Amazon creating local presence outside the USA
  • Amazon’s existing infrastructure in Poland
  • Amazon Fresh expanding in Spain and Italy – what about Poland?
  • Will Amazon’s full offering be introduced in markets outside the USA?
  • Background to Amazon launching Amazon Fresh
  • Smart locks and in-home / in-garage delivery
  • Solving parcel delivery problems by implementing existing technology
  • The never-ending need to invest in last mile tech