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Postal Hub podcast

Feb 8, 2021

Rachel Beddow, Principal Policy Manager for Postal Services and Telecoms at Citizens Advice, joins me to discuss customer research on delivery problems:

  • Delivery issues that predate the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Statistics on UK customers experiencing problems with delivery
  • Which groups were disproportionately affected by delivery problems
  • Delivery problems not limited to any one carrier
  • Kinds of delivery problems experienced by UK customers - including people who were at home 24 hours per day!
  • Why a delivery failure is only the beginning of a customer’s delivery problem
  • Difficulties in resolving delivery failures
  • Public awareness campaigns in advance of 2020 peak season
  • Spike in consumer complaints
  • Factors behind delivery problems - more than just capacity issues
  • Consumer protections not keeping up with the rapidly changing retail sector
  • Lack of regulation of major parcel carriers in the UK
  • Is parcel delivery an essential service? What does that mean for definitions of when a delivery is “late”?
  • Current consumer protections in delivery
  • Why some customers don’t complain or try to resolve delivery problems
  • How can consumers be made aware of their rights and ways to resolve delivery issues?
  • What can carriers do without waiting for regulators to take action about consumer protections?
  • Communications with the delivery driver to help ensure first-time delivery to disabled customers
  • Using the available technology to improve the delivery experience for customers
  • Delivery driver workload and meeting customer expectation