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Postal Hub podcast

Nov 18, 2020

AED/EAD is a hot topic in international postal circles right now! Kate Muth, Executive Director at IMAG (International Mailers Advisory Group), shares an update on sharing advance electronic data for cross-border parcels - and compliance with the USA’s STOP Act:

  • Background to the STOP Act
  • Movement of illicit narcotics through the international postal system
  • AED (or EAD) to help customs authorities
  • Timelines for providing AED
  • Will all countries meet 100% AED provision?
  • The OIG’s research into AED compliance
  • China’s progress in providing AED
  • Exemptions and waivers
  • Untracked items
  • Remediation for international items without AED
  • Rules for dealing with non-compliant items
  • US capacity to store inbound international items, impact on quality of service and cost
  • Will non-compliant parcels be destroyed?
  • Collecting data at the post office counter
  • Who pays for what?
  • Truthfulness of customs declarations
  • Other countries demanding inbound article data
  • Harmonisation codes
  • Is the data helping authorities find illicit substances in the mail?
  • The importance of sharing data for cross-border parcels