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Postal Hub podcast

Oct 15, 2020

Lee Spratt, CEO of DHL eCommerce Solutions Americas, joins me to talk about preparations for peak season 2020:

  • Events that usually kick off peak season
  • Bringing forward peak planning
  • Parcel volumes during 2020 that have exceeded peak 2019
  • Asking e-commerce retailers to forecast and manage volumes
  • Working with last mile partners (including work share arrangements with US Postal Service)
  • Balancing peak loads in the last mile
  • Hiring surge for 2020 peak season
  • Where temporary staff will go
  • Additional space to accommodate extra volumes
  • Post-peak plans for additional sites
  • Changes in consumer behaviour bringing purchases forward
  • Employee safety and changes in procedures
  • Having a multi-carrier delivery strategy
  • Artificial intelligence and using data to be more efficient