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Postal Hub podcast

Oct 6, 2020

Alexander Haneng, Director for Digital Innovation at Posten Norge / Bring, joins me to talk about delivery innovation in Norway:

  • Background to the partnership with supermarket chain Coop
  • Penetration of online groceries and home delivery
  • Building a home delivery solution very quickly and integrating it into Posten’s delivery network
  • How the system works in practice, including picking orders, packaging, and choosing the right delivery network
  • Keeping orders cool while out for delivery
  • Same-day and next-day delivery of groceries
  • Mapping the supermarket network and Posten’s delivery network to come up with efficient routing
  • Parcel lockers and parcel delivery preferences in Norway
  • Key considerations when choosing parcel locker locations
  • Promoting delivery options to online shoppers
  • Contactless delivery via lockers and easy access
  • Posten Norge’s Amoi marketplace in Oslo
  • Same-day local delivery for small retailers
  • Innovating to find new revenue sources - especially as letter volumes fall
  • Posten’s digital letter - and a crafty way to test customer acceptance!
  • Collecting parcels from customers’ letter boxes

Here’s the link to register for Parcel+Post Expo:

Marek Różycki and I will be online at 2pm (European time) on Thursday 15 October - make sure you add our workshop to your calendar!