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Postal Hub podcast

May 27, 2020

John Acton, managing partner at DPI Europe, discusses overcoming the seven deadly corporate mindsets to stimulate innovation in corporations. We cover:

  • Content vs critical thinking consultancy
  • Bureaucracies smothering creative thinking in a big organisation
  • What is a deadly mindset? And how does it relate to innovation?
  • Stripping away barriers to innovation
  • Breaking out of cycles
  • The problems of “processes”
  • Power struggles and internal politics
  • How companies can disrupt themselves
  • Priorities and knee-jerk responses
  • Table-thumping!
  • The budget battlefield
  • How start-ups can punish big corporates (like postal operators) for failure to innovate
  • The bonus system and linking reward to innovation
  • Generating ideas
  • Growth is underpinned by innovation, which is underpinned by creative thinking