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Postal Hub podcast

May 14, 2020

Amazon is using its B2C infrastructure to quietly dominate in B2B. Joining me to discuss this is Dean Maciuba, Director Consulting Services at Logistics Trends & Insights. We cover:

  • Amazon Business - the dominant marketplace in the USA?
  • How Amazon leverages its existing network of fulfilment centres
  • Fulfilment costs
  • SKU range
  • Amazon’s Delivery Service Partners - and shipping costs
  • Multi-piece deliveries
  • How much of Amazon DSPs’ volumes consists of B2B shipments
  • Amazon parcel volumes directed to DSPs - and which carriers are missing out
  • Impact of Amazon’s presence in B2B on FedEx and UPS
  • Can anyone compete with Amazon in B2B?
  • Importance of the sales force
  • Amazon’s analytical prowess
  • Could Amazon Business expand into other markets?