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Postal Hub podcast

Feb 17, 2020

Jean-Philippe Ducasse from the USPS Office of Inspector General discusses recent OIG research into the US same-day delivery market:

  • Can anyone make money on same-day delivery?
  • Same-day delivery market size, including what kind of goods are being shipped
  • The major players in US same-day delivery, and the different operating models
  • Typical customer profile for same-day delivery
  • Why customers buy with same-day delivery
  • Are customers prepared to pay for same-day delivery? If so, how much?
  • The cost and revenue for same-day delivery
  • What the US Postal Service is doing in same-day delivery
  • The potential for public-private partnerships for fast delivery
  • The USPS’s strength in next-day delivery
  • Buy online pick-up in-store (same-day)