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Postal Hub podcast

Feb 3, 2020

Tim Harrison, Senior Policy Researcher at Citizens Advice and one of the authors of “The market which isn’t delivering”, joins me to discuss the failings and potential remedies in the UK e-commerce parcel delivery market:

  • Where does the e-commerce parcel delivery experience begin?
  • Unfair surcharging (for example, for delivery to remote addresses)
  • Delivery information customers need when ordering online, including estimated delivery time
  • Communicating consumer rights information
  • Do customers need to know which delivery company will deliver their order?
  • The main delivery problems UK consumers encounter
  • Why isn’t the available technology being used to solve these delivery problems?
  • Delivery for customers with disabilities
  • Accessibility information for post offices and PUDOs
  • The link between delivery quality and contractor payment
  • Complaints handling
  • Consumer experience with e-commerce returns
  • Does the UK parcel industry need to be regulated?