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Postal Hub podcast

Jan 16, 2020

Catalin Maftei, founder and CEO of C-Solution, joins me to discuss an innovative approach to parcel lockers:

  • How a payment solutions provider became a parcel delivery company
  • The link between delivery failure and refunds
  • How niche online businesses grow from marketplaces to becoming standalone e-commerce merchants
  • How small business growth is powering Romanian e-commerce
  • Cross-border e-commerce in the region
  • How C-Solution set up a parcel locker network, including:
    • Site selection
    • Proximity
    • Commercial vs residential lockers
    • Temperature control considerations
    • Indoors vs outdoors
  • A unique parcel locker offering: lockers in a container! 
  • Usage rates for the new parcel lockers
  • A carrier neutral (open) parcel locker network - even allowing merchants to directly deliver to the lockers
  • Some innovations in click-and-collect
  • Savings made by Decathlon by implementing in-store click-and-collect lockers
  • Teleportation! How parcel lockers are used for instant fulfilment
  • Selecting the right products for teleportation
  • Parcel lockers in residential buildings