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Postal Hub podcast

Nov 25, 2019

Lindiwe Kewele, Acting Group CEO at South African Post Office, discusses:

  • Post office access in rural areas
  • Social grant payment - and how SAPO delivers it
  • Providing access to financial services
  • Funding the USO and being self-sustainable
  • Mobile postal services
  • Migrating to non-cash payment alternatives, including mobile money
  • Financial services for the elderly - including using biometrics to identify customers
  • Future postal services
  • Making delivery services more efficient and customer-centric
  • Competition in parcels
  • Stimulating cross-border e-commerce within the region

Also in this episode, I cover some recent developments in parcel delivery:

  • Australia Post’s new partnership with Doddle (called Click & Return)
  • How retail shops (PUDOs) will be added to the post office and parcel locker network
  • How customers will interact with Click & Return at checkout
  • Amazon’s new parcel locker and PUDO network
  • A surprising choice for parcel locker locations
  • Retailers partnering with Amazon to be PUDO points
  • PostNL’s changes to procedures for failed first-time residential deliveries