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Postal Hub podcast

Nov 12, 2019

Ben Nowlan, CEO of OmniCX and co-founder of delivery start-up Sherpa, joins me to talk about fast delivery:

  • The background to setting up Sherpa’s fast delivery service
  • Interactive delivery management from a consumer perspective and from a merchant/delivery perspective
  • Communications between the delivery driver and the recipient
  • Are companies not trying to be customer-centric?
  • What’s the driver behind same-day delivery - customer demand or fear? Or is there a coherent strategy?
  • How can same-day delivery be successful? Ben shares key strategic points for offering same-day delivery.
  • Why carriers need to understand retailers
  • Cart values and fast delivery
  • Click and collect
  • Do customers really want products within an hour?
  • How product categories influence speed of delivery
  • In-store fulfilment
  • Data!