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Postal Hub podcast

Sep 23, 2019

Doddle Chief Commercial Officer Mike Richmond joins me to discuss the reinvention of delivery:

  • Why customers make the delivery choices they do - a behavioural science approach
  • How “nudge” works - and what it could mean for e-commerce and delivery
  • The manifesto for reinventing delivery!
  • Improving co-ordination - can retailers work together to make sure the customer receives parcels when and where they want?
  • How Nike preserves its brand while delivering online orders in a range of different ways
  • Technology enabling customer-centric delivery solutions across retailers and delivery companies
  • How PUDO footprints are growing, and new formats of PUDO (e.g. buy online… collect at the gym!)
  • Harnessing data - analysing data to understand customer behaviour in delivery and returns
  • Buy-now-pay-later and how payment impacts on delivery choice and returns
  • Will payment businesses get into delivery?
  • Rethinking metrics - judging the performance of logistics departments
  • Preselected delivery options and the impact on customer choice - and therefore delivery cost!
  • Positioning of click-and-collect in-store
  • The value of omnichannel customers
  • Parcel lockers complementing in-store click-and-collect
  • Simplifying in-store returns
  • Megatrends in PUDOs around the world - including Amazon Counter
  • Carriers adding retailer partnerships to expand PUDO networks

Download A new perspective on delivery from the Doddle website.