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Postal Hub podcast

Sep 16, 2019

Marek Różycki (Last Mile Experts) discusses carrier-specific and carrier-agnostic parcel lockers:

  • What this means in terms of parcel volumes in the network
  • Cost of setting up the network

Then Mark Fallon, CEO and President of the Berkshire Company, joins me to discuss letter pricing in the age of parcels:

  • Australia Post’s application to increase the basic postage rate
  • The forces driving costs in the letter delivery network
  • Pricing for reserved/monopoly products vs parcels
  • Limits on US Postal Service letter price increases
  • Allegations of cross-subsidy between parcels and letters
  • Postal pricing oversight by the Postal Regulatory Commission
  • Annual parcel price increases for USPS and its major competitors
  • A second rate increase in a calendar year?
  • Strategies to cope with falling letter volumes:
    • Reducing delivery days
    • Slowing letter delivery speed
    • Combining letter and parcel delivery
    • Changing the delivery fleet
    • Community mail boxes
  • Reliability of the letters service