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Postal Hub podcast

Sep 9, 2019

Marek Różycki (Last Mile Experts) discusses research on the out-of-home delivery market (parcel lockers and PUDOs) in Poland:

  • Why the Polish out-of-home delivery market is important to understand
  • What’s driving the push for delivery to parcel lockers and PUDO points
  • Size of the various parcel locker networks in Poland compared to other European markets
  • Carrier agnostic or carrier specific? Comparison of the various networks
  • PUDO partnerships with retailers
  • InPost’s operations in Poland and in other markets
  • Store-based parcel lockers for click-and-collect purchases
  • Returns via parcel lockers

Click here to sign up for the PUDO/parcel locker workshop.

Also in this episode, Derek Osborn joins me to preview our Social Media workshop at Parcel+Post Expo:

  • The importance of top class social media engagement for the postal and delivery sectors
  • Which platforms to use? How to engage with customers? What about the expectation of instant response?

Sign up for the Social Media workshop here.