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Postal Hub podcast

Aug 26, 2019

Marek Różycki joins me to preview our seminar and workshop at Parcel+Post Expo this year, including:

  • Unattended delivery (in-car, in-home) vs out-of-home delivery
  • Delivery density and the advantage of being first to market
  • Customer experience in delivery

Cathy Morrow Roberson, founder and lead analyst at Logistics Trends & Insights, joins me to discuss UPS’s recently announced delivery initiatives:

  • A quick overview of UPS’s Q2 results
  • UPS Access Point (PUDO) network - new partnerships
  • Partnering with pharmacy chains - UPS and FedEx
  • Delivering to PUDO points instead of making residential delivery attempts
  • Seven-day pick-up and delivery
    • Working with the USPS - just for rural addresses?
    • Using UPS’s own fleet
    • Pricing, employees, and contracted delivery
  • Evening deliveries
  • Scheduled (time window) deliveries
  • Drone delivery
    • Medical deliveries
    • Swiss Post and Matternet
    • Why Cathy loves drones
  • UPS’s air operations
    • E-commerce volumes
    • Revenue per package
    • Is Amazon putting more volume into UPS’s network?
  • Is Amazon a competitor? What makes it a threat?