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Postal Hub podcast

Jul 23, 2019

Marek Różycki, Managing Partner at Last Mile Experts, joins me to discuss in-store parcel lockers and in-fridge grocery delivery:

  • Click-and-collect and parcel lockers
  • Location of lockers in-store or near-store
  • Types of articles that can be collected
  • The customer experience and putting the customer in control
  • Returns via parcel lockers
  • Additional purchases made by customers who click-and-collect in-store
  • Walmart in-fridge grocery delivery
  • Security provisions for in-house delivery, including body cams
  • Building trust between a delivery company and customers
  • In-garage delivery
  • What has more potential: in-fridge delivery or drone delivery?
  • Customer response to innovation and technology
  • Insurance and unattended in-home delivery
  • Marek’s prediction for drone delivery