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Postal Hub podcast

Jul 9, 2019

Mark Fallon, President and CEO of the Berkshire Company, covers recent developments in postal reform, including recent Congressional hearings:

  • An update on the underwhelming Postal Task Force Report
  • UPS court action on postal pricing
  • Politicians’ awareness of core postal issues
  • Is a crisis being manufactured?
  • Some positives from the Senate Hearing
  • USPS Board of Governors
  • Calls to privatise the US Postal Service
  • USPS’s 10-year plan, or lack thereof
  • 5-day letter delivery
  • Is the USPS a letter company or a delivery company?
  • Legislative reform for the US Postal Service (including a very silly bill that will go nowhere)
  • Parcel lockers - including residential parcel lockers, and returns
  • Carrier agnostic parcel lockers, and siting parcel lockers in post offices
  • Q2 financials
  • Parcel volume volumes and trends, the USPS’s share of e-commerce parcels
  • The need for complete rate reform
  • Rules and definitions for letters - and why they make no sense in 2019