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Postal Hub podcast

Jun 17, 2019

Dean Maciuba, Director of Consulting Services at Logistics Trends & Insights, analyses FedEx Express’s decision to dump Amazon:

  • The factors behind FedEx’s decision
  • Bad blood between FedEx and Amazon
  • What does one-day Prime have to do it?
  • Peak season volumes
  • Is Amazon a true competitor in the last mile?
  • FedEx Ground and Amazon going forward
  • FedEx capacity concerns and network renewal

Then we get on to the topic of Amazon’s Delivery Service Partners (DSPs):

  • Incentives available to prospective DSPs
  • Amazon moving into mid-sized markets - concerns about density
  • Is Amazon finding it difficult sourcing DSPs?
  • Structure of DSPs (including size of fleets), and how it compares to the FedEx Ground model
  • Profitability for DSPs
  • Training and driver efficiency
  • Amazon and B2B e-commerce (including healthcare and technology)
  • DSP vehicles
  • How DSPs will impact on US Postal Service volumes
  • The fate of Amazon’s original DSPs