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Postal Hub podcast

Apr 29, 2019

Pierre Morin, International Relations at Canada Post, is back to fill us in on what has been happening at the UPU:

  • Net importers vs net exporters
  • A detailed discussion of the three options that have been proposed:
    • Accelerating minor increases previously agreed (including modelling of how this would affect Canada Post)
    • Self-declared rates (the only option that currently seems acceptable to the USA), including protections against price gouging
    • The compromise option with a transition period before introducing self-declared rates, including price caps
  • The postal ballot process, including the involvement of “sanctioned countries”
  • Likely process for the Congress to be held in September - if indeed it goes ahead
  • The chance for compromise at the Congress
  • Public statements made by other nations
  • Funding changes if the USA withdraws from the UPU