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Postal Hub podcast

Jan 21, 2019

Dean Maciuba, Managing Partner North America at Last Mile Experts, discusses FedEx Extra Hours and FedEx’s expansion of out-of-home delivery options:

  • What FedEx Extra Hours is (1:45)
  • What it means for FedEx (3:35)
  • Extending order deadlines for next-day delivery and optimising stock held in distribution centres (4:05)
  • Driving scale and profitability (6:45)
  • The profile of retailers that will offer next-day delivery (7:35)
  • The problems big retailers are facing when taking on Amazon and other e-commerce players (8:30)
  • FedEx expanding buy online, pick-up in store (9:15)
  • FedEx’s PUDO partnerships with Walgreens and other retailers (11:00)
  • Redirecting residential deliveries to PUDO points (12:00)
  • Do consumers really want to collect parcels from a PUDO point? (13:10)
  • Amazon’s home delivery strategy (14:00)
  • Density of PUDO networks (15:40)
  • Will carriers start charging more for residential delivery? (16:40)
  • Amazon’s home delivery network (17:30)