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Postal Hub podcast

Jan 14, 2019

Mark Fallon, CEO and President of the Berkshire Company, reviews the US Postal Task Force report, including:

  • Background to the Postal Task Force (2:45)
  • The report submitted to the President and the report released to the public (4:30)
  • Reactions from stakeholders (5:25)
  • The need for a universal service obligation definition (6:00)
  • Setting prices for parcels and letters (7:40)
  • Allocation of costs in pricing parcel services (8:50)
  • Horror of horrors… drone delivery! (10:10)
  • Annual growth in delivery points (11:00)
  • A silly proposal in the report (13:00)
  • Staff costs, the role of unions in collective bargaining, executive remuneration, and a brief history of industrial relations in the postal sector
  • Privatisation of the US Postal Service, and monetising the mailbox monopoly (20:05)
  • Authorship of the report (25:00)
  • Something light-hearted to round things off… (28:50)