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Postal Hub podcast

Dec 24, 2018

Dean Maciuba and Marek Różycki from Last Mile Experts join me to review some of the major trends in 2018. We cover:

  • Out-of-home delivery - including parcel lockers (2:05)
  • What is driving out-of-home delivery options (3:15)
  • PUDO networks (4:00)
  • How home ownership and lifestyle choices influence residential delivery (4:55)
  • What the two major US parcel carriers are doing in parcel lockers and PUDO points (5:48)
  • Price incentive to recipients to accept out-of-home delivery (8:35)
  • Deutsche Post DHL’s delivery and PUDO network in Germany (10:33)
  • Estonian out-of-home delivery market (11:55)
  • Is the “gig economy” delivery model doomed? (13:00)
  • VC-backed delivery start-ups (14:57)

Cathy Morrow Roberson, founder and lead analyst at Logistics Trends & Insights, discusses the big trends in air freight in 2018, including:

  • Strength of global air freight in 2018 (19:55)
  • Cross-border partnerships, including China Post and Lufthansa (21:00)
  • Trends in pricing, including fuel surcharges (21:32)
  • FedEx and UPS’s air fleets (22:05)
  • How retail is driving demand for air freight (23:05)
  • Tariffs on Chinese imports and what that means for cross-border logistics (24:45)