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Postal Hub podcast

Dec 17, 2018

Dean Maciuba and Marek Różycki from Last Mile Experts join me to review some of the major trends in 2018. We cover:

  • Grocery delivery in the USA, in particular Walmart (2:25)
  • Supermarkets integrating with technology and delivery companies (3:45)
  • Walmart’s locker technology in its supermarkets (4:35)
  • Amazon making waves in grocery delivery (5:00)
  • Grocery delivery in the UK (7:00)
  • At-home or out-of-home delivery? What about the risks of food spoilage? (7:25)
  • Problems with individual at-home parcel lockers (11:00)
  • Threats to cross-border e-commerce (12:00)
  • Impact of Brexit on cross-border e-commerce (15:15)
  • Growth in importance of international shipping (16:30)
  • Chinese merchants and shippers not offering a good customer experience (17:15)
  • Amazon offering free delivery (18:05)
  • How eBay could change the last mile at scale (20:15)
  • Environment and sustainability (21:30)
  • How local culture affects adoption of green delivery options (21:35)
  • Traffic congestion and reducing the number of delivery vehicles on the road (24:00)
  • A huge rant from me about city logistics, congestion, and a lack of town planning (26:40)
  • How first-time delivery helps reduce emissions (29:45)