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Postal Hub podcast

Dec 10, 2018

Garrett Bridgeman, Managing Director Mails & Parcels at An Post, is my special guest. We cover:

  • The policy behind An Post’s plan to eliminate carbon emissions (1:05)
  • An Post’s carbon savings to date (1:51)
  • The details of An Post’s emissions commitment (2:10)
  • An Post’s current fleet and the profile of the new environmentally-friendly vehicles (3:30)
  • Reducing carbon emissions in the truck network (5:10)
  • Putting solar panels on delivery units (6:50)
  • Vehicle charging bays at the front of post offices for public use (7:20)
  • An Post’s corporate vehicle fleet (8:00)
  • Predictions for An Post’s peak season - including a big prediction for Amazon parcel volumes (9:15)
  • Seasonal hires and additional deliveries (11:15)
  • An update on DeliveryBox (12:25)