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Postal Hub podcast

Nov 12, 2018

Kate Muth, Executive Director at IMAG (International Mailers Advisory Group), discusses the STOP Act and what it means for cross-border parcels, including:

  • The background to the STOP Act, including how it will work (2:00)
  • The problem of opioids being shipped into the USA via the post (2:35)
  • The key deadlines associated with the STOP Act, including compliance for China (3:50)
  • Exceptions to the deadlines (4:15)
  • The deadline for 100% transmission of AED for parcels into the USA (4:48)
  • What happens if advance data isn’t provided (5:15)
  • Could the US Postal Service refuse to accept inbound international mail? What are the solutions? (6:25)
  • What does the proposed exit from the UPU mean for the STOP Act? (7:55)
  • Why hasn’t the UPU already developed international standards? (9:15)
  • Impact of STOP Act on other carriers (11:00)
  • Implications for inbound international e-commerce (11:40)