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Postal Hub podcast

Oct 29, 2018

The USA has announced its intention to leave the UPU. Anna Möller Boivie, Managing Director of Copenhagen Economics (Stockholm), shares her insights:

  • The options available to the USA:
    • Bilateral agreements
    • Multilateral agreements
  • What would happen if there’s a “no deal” exit?
  • The UPU services other than terminal dues that will be affected by the USA’s potential exit.
  • Has the UPU made any progress to solve the small packets issue?
  • Could the USA chosen a different path than simply leaving the UPU? What other options exist?
  • How Sweden has stopped small parcels from China avoiding tax, and if that could be an option for the USA.

Richard Wishart then joins me (11:06) to give his opinion on the matter. We cover:

  • The background to the international cross-border product EMS, including international arrangements under the UPU and IPC:
    • Standards
    • Pricing
    • Monitoring
  • The need for international standards (16:25)
    •  Addressing
    • Parcel sizing
  • What is the USA trying to achieve by pulling out of the UPU? (18:00)
  • How does the USA contribute to the UPU? (19:00)
  • Implications for USA e-commerce companies that sell cross-border? (21:32)
  • The USA’s potential loss of lobbying power (24:00)
  • The lack of progress in resolving terminal dues, and transparency of information (25:17)
  • The need for location standards under the UPU (26:03)
  • Is this an opportunity for the UPU to embrace reform? (27:32)